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Effective. Tested. Life-changing. Lead2Feed is a free leadership program that nurtures a new generation of leaders – the ones sitting in your classroom and school – while working to meet a community need through project management, decision-making and teamwork. Based on the best-selling book, Taking People With You by Yum! Brands Co-Founder, Former Chairman and CEO David Novak, Lead2Feed empowers students to act, to serve and to make big things happen. Join the leadership movement today!

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Educator of the Week

Angelia Jackson

“I feel the Lead2Feed program can help to feed my students minds to become creative/innovative; critical thinkers to make better choices; build their communication skills; help them become problem solvers; and collaborate with others to change the mind-set for greatness to take place.”

Thank you Angelia for instilling a love of learning and making a difference in the lives of your students. #NowGoLead

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How Educators & Students Can Win Up to $10,000 for Charity Or School

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How Miami Students are Reaching Out to Their Peers

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The Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program

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Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program

  • The Lead2Feed Program is completely aligned with the goals you need to meet in the classroom.

  • The Lead2Feed lessons empower students to use their leadership skills to serve others.

  • The Lead2Feed Lesson Plans contain content adapted for all core subject areas.


Notes on a Lead2Feed Challenge entry from a first time participating educator:

“My hope is that they have gained confidence in their ability to face challenges. They are our future and we need strong…
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No More Stalling

February 14, 2018…the date of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. It wasn’t the first time, nor the…
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Launching a service learning project

This post was published on United Federation of Teachers on January 3, 2019 Cathryn Berger Kaye, a former classroom teacher and an author,…
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What is Lead2Feed?

An overview of the Lead2Feed student leadership program, what it is, and why it is the nation’s fastest-growing free leadership program, attracting more than a million students in 5,000 schools and clubs across all 50 states.

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It all starts with Lesson 1 - Be Your Best Self

Hear from teacher Allison Silverman how this lesson is the Heartbeat of a Leader.

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